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Wireless on Computer Guy Ah, the wonders of technology. After being in the business of computers, software and related technologies all those years, I of all people should know better. Here it is the end of October without writing. So where have I been? Fighting with our shiny new 3G wireless Internet service.

All the promise of the new 3G here in the valley started innocently enough. We dropped in to the local Alltel cell phone store to check out what our next phone and services would be. Lo and behold, Alltel has everything we need to package our phones with the wireless, portable high-speed Internet we need. Lucky us.

Yeah, sure. Fancy new phones, expansion SD chip (gotta share with the computer, you know), Internet aircard for said computer, and a wireless 3G router would transport us into tinsel-town Twenty-first century. I haven't heard as many "cha-chings" since we had a house built years ago. By the time we walked out the door, our plan to save over $70 a month on our combined phone and Internet amounted to a whopping $13.

Rainbow Trout PH It all went fine until I hooked up the router from hell. The story is just too gruesome to share, even on this Halloween eve. Bottom line: Alltel has no idea what they are selling or how to make it work. After too much pain and agony, the router went back. I ordered a Cradlepoint 3G router instead. We were both surfing at high speed wirelessly in 10 minutes. It "only" took a month to get to this point.

Bluebird Oh, there were some fishing days. The brown trout are busy spawning now, but they and the rainbows gave us some good times. Mix in some ATV outings for Phil and a trip to Loveland for more granddaughter time for me, cap it off by trading flyrods for snowshoes in the current big snowstorm, and that has been our month.

It's nice to be back to the simpler wonders, like watching a bluebird fluffed up against the cold as it takes refuge in the bush just feet from our window.





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